june 06.02.2017 // jon webster @ Lexington, KY

whoop whoop because first blog post on the new website!!

I am so thankful to share this little place of thoughts, photos, music, and just more of my soul with all of you!

today on the blog, I'm sharing some photos I took a few weeks ago with a friend, model, and true kingdom warrior (@itsjonwebster) . these photos struck a chord in me I don't often get to express. don't get me wrong i loveee my commercial work and the clients and couples i get to work with, but when it comes to freelance art, i find a very hard time crossing the two of those since i see photography as such an opportunity to bring my own visions and heart into the tangible world. 

this shoot with jon, a pal who is equally as passionate about the quirky and non-traditional art forms, really helped me understand that my visions can become a reality

that my heart is perfect in all of its imperfections 

that my hurt has purpose

and that my calling to be an artist is one of unique and true intent

hope you guys love these photos as much as I loved creating them!

also, something i so desparately want to incorporate into these posts (which I'm hoping to make a weekly thing) is to share with you all what I'm listening to this week! if you guys have any ideas (like making Spotify or YouTube playlists of my week) that i could share with you guys, please let me know! for now, I'll just be posting the songs and links to Spotify!