Seattle 06.19-20.2017

Since leaving the evergreen state in November of 2016, I haven't stopped dreaming of the foggy mornings or towering pines. I am so to be back in the state I hold so near and dear to my heart. In November, my travel partners and I spent the majority of our short trip on the far North Western Coast. This June, I'll be spending my week in downtown Seattle, soaking in every cozy corner and coffee shop I can find before heading back to Kentucky.

With this trip, I'm vowing to push myself creatively -- to quit taking photographs to please the world or my instagram followers; to start attempting to capture what my world feels like; to pursue a greater possibility; to pursue my passions and to try with all my might to inspire others. Here's some photos from my first 24 hours in the emerald city -- flying in, exploring the streets, visiting the aquarium, and the most delicious french toast I've ever tasted.