Red-River Gorge Fall Wedding

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Tyler & Danielle, what a beautiful love story these two share! This past October, I had the honor of accompanying them along their trail-side wedding day in the heart of Kentucky’s breathtaking Red River Gorge. They got ready in the most beautiful cabin that also functioned as a reception hall complete with a full chili bar and the dreamiest fall-colored trees all around! Danielle is from South Africa, where sadly so much of her family had to remain for the wedding, so throughout a lot of their wedding you will see some family members on FaceTime! It was such a thoughtful and precious day to be a part of, let alone have the privilege of photographing! I’m here for all the loving couples looking to get married on hiking trails…lets dooo thissss!

p.s. be sure not to miss all the golden retriever moments in this wedding. Danielle & Tyler’s good boy is named Shia LaRuff….yeah….i’m not kidding.

Dress: Bridal Suite of Louisville

Florals: Buds N’ Blooms

Cake: Sweet Stuff Bakery

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