Whitney and Ish (Ismaeel) have been such an amazing couple to work with throughout their planning and design process for their intimate, personal, and long-awaited wedding day. Ismaeel and Whitney have been waiting on this day for 7 years, so it only makes sense that they had 3 separate parties celebrating their union. On a breezy summer Saturday in June, they joined their closest family members for a private traditional wedding ceremony at the historical Bodley Bullock House in downtown Lexington. The lush private garden mirrored with the beautiful antique interiors created the perfect atmosphere for a few hours of true quality family time. Complete with Lexington’s own Pasta Garage and Masala Indian Cuisine catering, their dinner was as delicious as it was beautiful. After dinner, we escaped to a bar with all of their closest friends to celebrate their wedding in the true style of drinks, dancing, and even more cake! A week after this special day, I met back up with them at The Signature Club of Lexington for their Pakistani ceremony, Walima. Here, more of Ismaeel’s family and friends attended wearing all of their traditional garments full of breathtaking colors. Whitney wore a hand made burgundy gown with intricate beading all the way from Pakistan that multiple women worked on sewing beads onto at a time. Ish matched her in the most beautiful way with hints of gold and red in his outfit.

The way Whitney and Ismaeel’s family welcomed me into this personal moment was so beautiful. I truly believe the village makes the child, and I can see how genuine their love is for each other that blossomed from such a wonderful group of people. I hope you are just as inspired by the beauty and the intimacy of their wedding day as I am!

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