I want you to consider the relationship you're about to enter into.

When inquiring with Rachel Joy-Monét, you're choosing an artist inspired by romance, a composer of emotions, and an avid seeker of adventures. You're choosing a photographer who will rarely ask you to pose, shoulders back and eyes bright, and smile into my lens. More often than not, I'll ask you to talk to me about what you're passionate about -- what makes your heart skip a beat. I'll ask you to look into the eyes of your beloved and recall the first time you told each other this was love you were both feeling. I'll ask you to have a natural, and flowing conversation to truly capture you in your natural, genuine, and unposed form. I'll ask you to climb over a fence or two to get the perfect location, and may indeed tell you to dance around if you're feeling a little tense.

If you're looking for someone with a nice camera to "shoot" you with that traditional posed smile, I may not be the photographer for you

or someone to offer you the cheapest deal, you may not value the art I want to return back to you

or someone to keep you in your small and self-created sphere of comfort, you may not enjoy the passion I have for helping people and couples discover more of their creation through our time together. 

and all of that is okay. You deserve to find your perfect match. Through the inquiry process, I want to know as much about the two of you and the way you are designing your day/session so i can be sure if working together will be beneficial to the both of us. I want you to fully appreciate your experience, and the photos that will last for the last of your life, so I want you to be comfortable with the possibility that we might not be the perfect match, and that i will do my best to help you find someone who is!

That being said, if you think you're ready to pursue adventure, emotion, self-discovery, and beauty together, welcome to the experience -- fill out this little form below for a proper introduction...


(look, i know that financing your wedding can be stressful — I’m planning my own wedding right now too! I’m more than willing to accommodate my services with the budget you are working around, so inquire with me and we can virtually hug it out!)

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YAY! Now that you’ve submitted that form…take a sneak peek at what it might look like to work together…(!!)

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