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So who am I? That's a great question actually...one I'm still trying to figure out myself...

However, I could tell you all about how much I love a gentle sunrise, how the colors and the light simply unfold, just begging to be photographed.

I could tell you about the deep satisfaction and comfort I find in a cup of coffee and a good book, or the majestic mountain peaks sprinkled with pine trees, or the open road and a great playlist.

I could tell you about the comfort I find in between candles at twilight.

I could tell you about the rush of adrenaline I feel when caught in the overwhelming worship of my savior and friend.

I could attempt to scratch the surface of the enchantment i find inside the love and romance we discover in our most intimate relationships -- the way two people wholeheartedly belong to each other.

I could tell you about the beauty I find in a pure, organic, and honest human moment. That's what I crave to photograph: humans that aren't posed, but the in-between candid moments full of emotion and meaning they relay.

I could tell you all about these things...but that's a conversation meant to be had over cups of coffee, not the internet...so please, don't just stop by, make yourself comfortable here and let's live this strange adventure together.

Wanna see what it might be like to work together? Take a peek at a little intro video down below…


  • Black mighttt just be the best color with purple running a close second

  • A wardrobe is not complete until its vastly neutral toned

  • Comfort can indeed be found in a cup of dark roast

  • Your romantic partner should be a best friend too

  • My partner, Nathan, is exactly that -- not to mention my dearest companion

  • However -- nothing replaces your girlfriends

  • Saturdays are for adventures

  • Sundays are for lovers

  • Jesus is my Lord & savior

  • Grilled Cheese sandwiches have no flaws

  • Tattoos are rad!!

  • Music is the heart of our very existence

  • History repeats itself

  • Silver Linings are worth searching for

  • If you feel an emotion -- feel it to its entirety. That is the closest grasp you will ever hold on your reality.